Nose Art Tank


Another example of the aggressive shark tooth’d grimace seen on the warbirds of WW2. This would look smart on the Tiger Cub tank. Not too much more room for the bomb ridin’ gal though. Olive Drab and red backed pointy teeth gives a nasty bite! Gnash!


3 Comments to “Nose Art Tank”

  1. Brilliant……I want one.

  2. What.!
    Have you been at the sauce again.?
    FGS.! Leave the Shark snarls where they belong.. on the warbird noses.!
    They only put them on there to frighten the enemy, cos’ the P planes couldn’t match them. F’useless.!
    The pilots were never in doubt.
    What pray.. is wrong with a very pretty appropriate alloy tank, heavily polished, with a coat of paint in a traditional shape, colour of your choice.. at the headstock end.? Check out the Triumph TR5T of the early 1970’s. Gorgeous. Yes.. my taste, maybe NOT yours..
    But, DON’T you spoil the sheep for a h’apeth of tar.. not at this stage.
    Yer bugger.! Are you just doing this to wind me up.? I’ve followed this every step of the way, with pleasure.. now please. finish it beautifully and give all of us pleasure.
    Uncle Bill HAS spoken.!
    Laughs.. collapses.
    Trust you all are well.?
    Things not too good here. Doctor is threatening to finally put me on insulin.. that day has perhaps arrived.?
    So NOT happy.
    B x

    • Care canny wor Bill! It’s an old beat up tank, dented and bondo’d with a splash of primer coating it. I’ll have to save pennies for a polished alloy! As you know with the other bike I like to play with ‘the look’. Project at a minor hiatus waiting for funds to fill the kitty. Foot controls next, then ignition. Both ain’t cheap! Fenders too. A couple of odds and sods and then we’re nearly there!
      Keep spirits up and your pithy comments coming!
      Go for a drive up Borrowdale for me. Not this week during Whitsun; but a quiet weekday. And look back over Derwent to Skiddaw. One of my favorite views.

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