Pen & Ink


Exquisite technical illustration from the masters hand. This is Lawrie Watts at his finest: taking a complex machine, engine or entire vehicle and in perfectly weighted line work achieves both x-ray vision and form of assemblage.


It reminds me of the old hand drawn plans and details I had to prepare before computers were in the office. Ink, mylar and stinking dyline machines…

3 Comments to “Pen & Ink”

  1. Hey Geordie. Saw the Rotring pen and your comments…So were you a draughtsman back in the day? (when they spelt it like that – grin). I was also, first in Highway Design for the Queensland Main Roads Dept in OZ; then in London on Freeway design for a Saudi firm; and finally with BAA (British Airports Authority) on Airport Runway, Taxiway and Apron design. I definitely recall the stink of the dyeline machine as you say, and the small electric (drill-like) erasers which fitted a long pencil-shaped eraser (rubber to us in OZ), in the chuck end to remove inked mistakes from mylar A1-size construction drawings. With the long hair we all had back then, we had to wear hair nets, as several guys got their hair caught in the spinning eraser which quickly resulted in it winding round the shaft until the device whacked you in the head. A different era and then some. Cheers, Les

    • Les, I was at the back end of those times. As a landscape architect we had to prepare our own plans using all methods available to create a physical drawing with everything composed. AutoCAD makes it a doddle these days to rescale, reorganize, edit. Its now purely a technicians realm; then it was also an artistry. I don’t miss the smells, but I’d rather see people hunched over their drawing boards than gazing zombie like to a glowing screen…

  2. Hey Geordie. Amen brother….I enjoyed the artistry of it also…still draw but never (yet) realised an ambition to also paint. When I see some of the superb moto and car art I figure I wouldn’t really be up to scratch, so have turned to painting word pictures and now write for a couple of magazines in my spare (yeah right!) time, and have a blog in development [based on your superb example {:–)>…..]

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