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July 23, 2014

Thirty Ninja


Kawasaki’s groundbreaking Ninja (aka GPZr, ZZR, ZX) is thirty years old. To celebrate those chaps at K Heavy Industries motorcycle division have given the current top-of-the-line missile the classic firecracker red and gunmetal grey color scheme from the eighty four A1 model 900’s. And it sure looks purdy! I’d be happy to take either of these onto the road…

The older Hammer was produced until 2003 in Japan and the younger Pretender started in 2006; so there was a minor break between these bookend Ninjas.

As a side note the 900 Ninja engine was taken as the cue by John Bloor when developing his early modular triple and four engines for the relaunched Hinckley bikes.


“I feel the need; the need for speed!”