Street Triple


…now here is a motorcycle! The sublime, the mighty, the superlative…

5 Comments to “Street Triple”

  1. David,
    Double endoscopy.. naaah, been there.. easy. Done that.
    And finally to this.
    You at the sauce again.?
    You.. a thro’ and thro’ Triumph man to the core.?
    I get your “vintage” Bonneville thing.. I just LOVE old Triumphs too.
    But I’ve never understand your Hinckley Bonneville interest/obsession. To me it’s an old fella’s bike for tootling around on.
    Week-ends mostly.?.
    That is so NOT you.. you are far too young. !
    And it surely isn’t me.. I don’t want tarred with that “Old boy on a bike” brush,!
    And I am perhaps eligible for that at my true age.. but far too young at heart.
    My heart and my head.. and all the kudos it has won.. tells me THIS! bike is the very BEST of the modern Triumphs.. by some margin.
    I am always astonished that it is not the object of your affections.?
    It is.. the Sublime, the Mighty, the Superlative.. 675 STREET TRIPLE.!!!!!
    And even better if it is the 675 R.. lurvely.. no?
    I’ll you send the money.
    And just to say.. at your Chicago Triumph/Ducati dealer.. have you had a look at the new Ducati Monster 821.?
    Lighter, more power than any of the old S4/S4R/S4RS series and without the hellish service costs.. lurvely too.

    • I was just talking about this item in more detail with my friend Dean over a Thai lunch after reassembling my clutch, front mudguard and left rearset bracket… The Thruxton is a nice bike but…. 35 years too late… The Speed Triple though…. A bike for this age… I need to reorient my desires! An easy job!
      Good yer ‘ospital visit went canny! Weather today is 100% perfect. 70’s sunny slight breeze. Need it to stay like this ’til December (December 2018 that is!)

  2. Thai lunch.?
    Yer berluddy have been drinking.!
    My point in writing above, my dear was.. that altho’ you went on to eulogise the “Speed Triple” it was surely a photo of a Street Triple in the revised 2013 form that headed the article. {centre mass, underslung exhaust tacky body add-ons.?].
    Is it any wonder I am/get confused.
    Here on the mothership, the “Speed Triple” is now seen as old hat. Can’t any longer keep pace with the new-fangled opposition.?
    Whereas, the “Street Triple” since its’ rebirth in 2013 and complete revision has become the medium bike to have.
    Its the bike my money would go on, were I still able.
    Have another shufty at that photo, I tried to blow it up but to no avail. But I am sure it is in fact a 675 R.?
    Do advise if you read this.
    Glorious here too, maybe 70.. just lovely. But for me thro’ a drug fuelled veil.! Happy days.
    Hey ho..

  3. I was just about to go to bed and switch off the machine.
    675R.. there’s the bike for you m’boy.. 105 bhp and then, get the bits for a Daytona 675R and get 125 bhp.
    All that and the weight of three bags of sugar. Perhaps.
    WF Goodnight then.

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