Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride


A well planned event took place in cities around the world. To raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. Those taking part were obliged to turn up in dapper outfits befitting a gentleman’s club or Royal Ascot outing. I chose a bright flowery tie with my waistcoat.


About 200 motorcycles and scooters turned up for the Chicago event and after meeting up at 9am headed off in a x2 caravan through the City. Outrider blockers halted cross traffic so that momentum of the ride was maintained.


Triumph made up a good proportion of the bikes , both old and new. My Bonneville fought valiantly along the slowish riding, a hot clutch with feathered throttle slipped a few times. However the last stop. I turned my lights on rather than off so the bike was dead as a dodo and wouldn’t start for the short ride home… Deans Ford Ranger came to the rescue to haul my sorry moto back to Evanston.


That late model Thruxton looks better all the time!

2 Comments to “Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride”

  1. Is that a flat ‘at I see.?
    Or rather.. almost see, the top of the photo has sliced off the top of your cranium. Do tell.
    And the Bonnie playing you up..?
    Go and see your man at Johnny’s Emporium, walk past the Triumphs and just HAVE A LOOK AT THE DUCATI MONSTER 821.
    Every moto article is RAVING about it.. sit on one and you’ll be sold.
    I’ll even raid the cookie jar to see what I can raise to help out.!
    There now.

    • We’ll have to rename the blog Giorgio Motociclista…
      Was a great morning in the lively company of like-minded bikers. Not a Harley crowd with biker gang related symbology. Just a bunch of folk that would have looked the part riding down the M23 to Brighton.

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