Warp Factor Five Mr Sulu!


All bow to the might and power of Team Green: the new roadworthy 1000cc Kawasaki H2 Hyperbike. The latest interstellar rocketship to hit the roads soon.


It’ll be like riding a two-wheeled fighter jet. Gobbling miles, straights, corners and licenses with nary a blink. Experienced riders ONLY!


Cagers will see this Sith-Lord faced missile beaming down on them and watch it vanish to a speck ahead. Race bike technology at the finger and toetips of the velocity attendant to rein-in the 200 bhp available from the supercharged inline four.


The mercurial quicksilver finish appears as a flash under a blue sky. Mirrored visor obligatory.

Dang, I’m spending my lottery ticket winnings like water out of a fire hose…

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