…and on the seventh day


Triumph was a major player up until the early seventies in the International Six Days Trial. Here are a few classic ‘action’ images of what the riders had to endure. Rocks, roots, rivers, roads,,,


Quick tire changes obligatory. As are all on road repairs being undertaken by rider with carried tools.


The clock is ticking too! The event has been held for 100 years (as of 2013) except for the war years. Now it is the ISDE (E for Enduro) and truly globally located – up until the early 80’s is was European. 1250 miles is a long way under trial and scrutiny.

2 Comments to “…and on the seventh day”

  1. Now we’re cooking.!
    The top photo is of course my very favourite, the TR5t.. lovely.
    Given the appearance of the bike this could well be one of the USA team bikes, which [who.?] took gold, the year this photo was taken.?
    The gold medal team was a truly lovely result at the time and unexpected.. wonderful effort.
    Their bikes were not as factory spec, being quite a bit modified by the team , who were very determined. [I have to think very hard here..] Beta front forks and most of the body panels removed, on the photo’ here we can see the leather side skirts.. but why for.?
    More hard thinking..
    Thanks for this.. excellent.
    Lovely day here.. almost 60f, blue skies as after frost, but no frost and not cold either.!
    Hope all is well with you and you are out having a late autumn ride.?
    Regards ever.

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