Get the kettle on!


Baz is taking things easy in his caravan during some race event in the seventies. Flowery curtains. Smoking was cool then…


Even on his No. 7 Suzuki. He drags on his fag.

3 Comments to “Get the kettle on!”

  1. Barry sadly was always predisposed to a gasper.!
    I never ever saw him without one.. did you know he had a hole drilled into the chin-bar of his helmets so that he could have a last drag on the startline.? This has become something of a myth all these years later, but it is actually true.. he had a plastic tube fitted to act as a fag holder.. I saw it myself and often teased him about it.
    Sadly, it got him in the end and it will be 10 years or more now since he left us.
    Good rider, not in my hall of greats.. but a really good rider. More politics than race I think.
    I saw his 2nd race which was at Croft in about 1969/70. He had turned up with gorgeous 125 & 250 Bultaco singles and went very well. He was being talked about even then, as he certainly cultivated the MCN pressmen etc., and he had the use of works standard Bultaco’s, as his father was the UK importer
    However, there was a certain Steve Machin present and he romped away with the days events. A truly lovely rider who was constantly a thorn in Sheenes side.. and progress.
    Machin developed his own Yamaha twins for each class, flyers from his garage in Nth Lincolnshire.. one of his then helpers was a later British champion.. Roger Marshall. Machin was a very nice fellow, good company and a clever lad, local to Cadwell Park area.
    One of his masterworks was a 3 cylinder across the frame TZ Yamaha he had built at his garage business. And a flyer too.
    Sadly again, he was killed in a practice day accident in the early 70’s, I think at Cadwell.
    Tragedy really.. he was a lovely guy and strangely.. Sheene always came off 2nd best whenever they met in the early days.
    Bearing in mind that BS was a Yamaha supported rider with the best of everything [before he jumped ship to Suzuki..]
    Hey ho.

  2. The 3 cylinder Yamaha was a special built for the 350cc class of the day. By then, early 70’s.. all racers had access to the latest Yamaha racers, if they had the £.. competition was very even as the bikes were all well matched.
    Machin wanted an edge, and being a clever lad.. he built one. And it flew.. tho’ not as I recall without teething troubles. I may be wrong [40 years ago.!] but I feel sure he was testing this bike when he was killed at Cadwell on a practice day.
    I have actually just consulted [by phone] one of the top classic racers in the UK who runs MV’s in the Manx GP etc.. he confirmed what I thought about SM’s practice accident.

    • Bill, fantastic insight there. I was totally unaware of BS nipping on the heels of what sounds like a racers racer. Its usually the hands on privateers who slip through the nets of the promoters.

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