Go West!


Bags packed, plane tickets ready… We’re off to California for a week. A road trip from San Francisco along route 1 to Los Angeles. …

(Image from Vintagent of typical Pacific views – that ’73 Triumph TR5T  a perfect moto for such a locale. We’ll have a new Bonnie for a couple of days )

2 Comments to “Go West!”

  1. Way to go Geordie…! We did that trip pre-kids back in the late ’80s (but in the other direction which was a mistake, as turning across up to 6 lanes of PCH to take in a good scene was very scary, and sometimes impossible). A cracker drive however, and will be magic on a new Bonnie. Some great small towns along the way too (Morro Bay was our fave, where we arrived New Years Eve. As we were the only people staying in the motel, the owners kindly insisted we join them and their friends to see in the New Year. So California 🙂

  2. The bike in the photo that you credited to the Vintagent, is his very own TR5T that he bought a couple of years ago.
    I imagine the weather at home is getting poor now, given what we see on the east coast in NY. [ I realise you are a long way from NY too.]
    Have a lovely holiday.. give yourselves a real good break.. and let this blog just rest for a while.
    Speak soon.
    Regards ever

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