Bonneville T100


The moto that took us along the coast road was the modern Hinckley Triumph iteration of the Bonneville. It amply took us two-up along the way with easy balance, control of power and stopping. A mid-height screen broke the wind blast somewhat but with the higher bars and my tall pose gave me a direct buffeting in the face. The rental company had crash bars up front and a tail rack in rear ad well as a pair of handy panniers for our overnight stowage.


This was a carbureted engine having a smooth running engine which was a stark contrast to my 4 decade older Bonnie… A sweet ride indeed!

One Comment to “Bonneville T100”

  1. A carb’ model.. not a FI motor.?
    The FI model has been out for some years now, with the FI units disguised to resemble carbs’.. so as not to astonish/ upset the Saga crowd who cling to them.!
    You’re no Saga boy.!!
    Missed you.. good to have you’se back.

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