Winter Solstice

What better way to recognize the true end of the old year and beginning of the new one than a jaunt to the grandest of Ancient Monuments: Stonehenge. Sitting proudly on the Wiltshire plain as it has done for over five millennia it truly is a connection to our prehistory and its mystic ways.


Lately (well the last hundred years or so) it becomes a gathering spot for neo-druidism. Here’s a photo from the seventies with the winter sun peeking through a pair of standing stones. I found this photo of some travelers stopping off at the site in the mid sixties. A Triumph steed sits with baggage for a decent looking roadtrip.This was when everyone could stroll across the lawns to it. A Morris Mini sits parked nearby.


One Comment to “Winter Solstice”

  1. Hey Geordie… We were in UK from ’76 to ’85 and went along to Stonehenge for both the Mid-Summer and the Mid-Winter Soltices on several occasions. The powers that be still open up the Stones for closer access for just those 2 Dawns, I think because if they didn’t do so, the fences would simply get trampled anyway. It’s a magic place, with real mana and power. I hold it in much the same awe as Uluru in Central Australia, which I’ve been to (and up) twice, though of course Uluru’s a natural monolith imbued with huge Dreamtime mythological power, vs Stonhenge being a man-made place of ritual and focused power.. Cheers, Les

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