G’day mates! Here’s a pretty bauble to adorn your crimbo tree this year…
Better yet… Just make your whole tree a branching of classic motorcycles like this one at the Barber Museum.


If you’ve been good this year!

2 Comments to “Tannenbaum”

  1. Hohoho..
    What ho me old beauty’s.
    Bright, dry, sunny and not cold here.. lurvely. Out for a walk later, after the Queen.
    So all’s good then, except.. madam is at work so no Christmas lunch.!
    For your poor correspondent.. a bacon sarny for lunch and an M & S microwavable Cumberland pie for supper.!
    Christmas eh.
    However in the spirit of Christmas and hands across the ocean, sort of.. both of you have a truly lovely day.
    Love and all best wishes for the New Year.
    B xx
    Give Geordie a hug for me.

    • Merry Christmas Bill! Overcast here. No snow just gloomy. We were going to be heading up to Minnesota yesterday but are both under the weather so laying low for a day or so. Dog and two cats in fine fettle. The young ‘un has been here a year now. Passed her probationary year with a suitable pass…. So I suppose we’ll keep’er!
      Enjoy bacon sarnie!


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