As a New Year approaches sometimes you just need to hang on and have trust in the captain of your ship. A determined pilot is looking for a suitable landing and his pillion clings closely. This is a late 30’s G3 with the girder forks. Once the teledraulic forks arrived a year later the Matchless single cylinder 350cc became one of the most popular wartime bike.

5 Comments to “Leap”

  1. Hey Geordie. Happy Noo Year an’ all that mate. Hope you had a good Christmas, as we did here Downunder. Just a note re the image you’ve posted today. A NZ Band (The Mutton Birds) used it in 1999 as the cover of an Indie Pop/Rock album ‘Rain Steam and Speed’ (http://www.allmusic.com/album/rain-steam-speed-mw0000459049). They toured the UK in ’99 to critical acclaim but couldn’t break in to the UK charts and returned to NZ where they disbanded around 2000/2001. Cheers, Les

  2. Buongiorno from a lovely sunny, not cold UK,
    Great photo here.
    Our pilot as you say, has utter concentration on finding his landing spot safely for his precious cargo.
    His precious cargo, to me so reminiscent of the Milky Bar Kid.[?] appears oblivious and utterly trusting in our hero.
    I’d bet, just from not dissimilar family photo’s.. no jumping tho’.. that the bike is pre-war but the shot might be late 40’s, early 50’s.. just from their kit.?
    I’d also bet that to have that much trust, she is an adoring niece, cousin or suchlike.?
    There are photo’s here of an uncle who came back after 5 years as a DR.. and the whole extended farming tribe turned out to meet him.. aunts,uncles, cousins, girls agog.. just like this one. The whole tribe clustered around him.. excellent.
    Great photo.. love it.
    In case we don’t exchange before the date.. all best wishes and love to you both for the New Year 2015.

  3. Hi Guys.

    Amen to your last post Geordie…health and happiness. (Sure, wealth would be nice to complete the trio but it’s probably unlikely :-).
    To keep you going through the Winter, catch this video of a OZ/NZ four piece from the late ’80s, with their take on our shared passion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc_7VL1RhHQ

    Cheers, Les in a sunny and mild (68 degrees F / 20 degrees C) Auckland Summer’s day.

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