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January 21, 2015

What’s in a Name?

a great victory or achievement.

the state of being victorious or successful.

joy or satisfaction resulting from a success or victory.

a highly successful example of something.

These are the descriptions from a dictionaries  of the noun Triumph. What a great word to utilize for a motorcycle, the idea of a journey, its speed and a destination as well as the item itself. It has the vision of some banner fluttering in the wind in regal success. Other Marques are family names: Honda, Ducati Barley Davidson to mention a few. Others the name of a location: BSA, BMW. Indeed few have a moniker regaling a people such as Indian. But it’s Triumph that fill you with spirit once your heading off down the road with the mere whiff of throttle.


“Well, it says what it does on the tin!”

Matchless?…. Victory? Yes, yes, yes. Point taken!