Magnum PI


Watching an old TV show from the early eighties. Starring Tom Selleck as the titular private investigator turned Hawaiian gallavanter for thriller writer Robin Masters (voiced by Orson Welles). He gets to blast around in his employers Ferrari 308 GTS. It is the classic mid engined sports car in red.

2 Comments to “Magnum PI”

  1. Fancy you putting this fellow up..
    In period, I thought him quite simply the most handsome man imaginable. A “hero” to me. [I am NOT one bit “gay” anything.!]
    He had the lot, looks, hair, superb physique, presence, not the greatest actor ever, but certainly good enough.
    Naturally, I styled myself on TS.. an auburn haired version with the same strong ‘tache. And it worked. Happy days indeed.
    He was cast as an american sharpshooter in Australia, and was the very beau ideal of the western hero [cowboy].
    Not a masterpiece but good to watch. “Quigley down under” I had to dig deep for that title.
    You probably know that in more recent times, he has made a series of tv films, concerning a local police chief.. Jesse Stone, and all his cases per episode. In my view they are excellent, well worth watching.
    Thanks for this. Good memories..

    • Bill, I like Tom Selleck too! He has rugged charisma on the screen. What would Indiana Jones have been like with him in the role?…. We’ll never know as Mr. Ford made that role his own in due time. Quigley was a fair shot at wild adventure. And the police roles are good. The less we talk about “three men and a baby” the better! Well, the classic tv channel has plenty of Magnum PI’s on… then Miami Vice…. more fast cars, gals and Don Johnson!

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