Vitamin C

my next Meriden project will be a tracker for sure.  


The orange tang colored frame gives this suitable spare example a fiery look. Carbon black TT pipes, chunky tires on alloy rims, medium rise bars. Cool tiger tee shirt too. Let’s file this image…

4 Comments to “Vitamin C”

  1. Bit of a bugger you have missed the best in the business.!
    Someone we both know, who virtually invented the street tracker genre, and builds the best HD, Yamaha XS and Bonneville street trackers has just pulled the plug on his Mule business.
    And at 65 yo has gone and got a job in aerospace again, building experimental aircraft.
    He told me this in an e-text. I don’t know it is widely known.. and I’ve only told you. He has closed down the website.. the lot.
    Is 65 the pension age in the USA too.?
    Here, with the way the Tories have rigged the state benefits system.. you’d be damned lucky to get a pension at that age.. instance.. anyone 65 this year will NOT be due for a state pension until age 68. Stuffed.? I think so.
    But there will be a reckoning and very soon. Where oh where will it all end.?
    Have a good day..T’Cub is looking groovy.

    • I can take inspiration from what he has done.
      You can start to claim social security at 65 here. What little it is… But unless you have other forms of pension investments which can take decades to accrue then you have to continue working: livin’ ain’t free!
      Trying to get things painted in the next week or so.. Then just need exhaust (Cub header clamps are like hens teeth!) the ignition, title it then we can start adding oily fluids and do a Dr Frankenstein on ‘er!
      Spring well and truly sprunging here… Take care

  2. My word aren’t we lucky here.. I had no idea.!
    I supposed in my innocence/ignorance I imagined that the US would be just like us.. benefits, NHS for the poorest [ of a sort ], and proper pensions for all.
    No wonder Obama has had a battle on his hands.. for all its’ wealth, the US seemingly does precious little for its’ citizens.. even tho’ Hispanics are flooding in and will soon form more than 50% of the population.? Why can they be coming.?
    The much vaunted military really costs.. no.?
    And finally.. sprung here too.. lots of woodland flowers on my best walk, hedgerows really greening up, and lambs.. everywhere.
    Have a fab’ day.

    • … We also pay taxes to the Federal gummint as well as our State. Here in Illinois they made a deal with State worker unions to give retirees (teachers, fire, cops, as well as State government folk) to give them a pension equal to their final pay…. Very very contentious here, and not negotiable. So Illinois is wildly over budget; needing to cut important social programmed, or even close schools… Seems kind of backwards… Let’s look after those finishing work at the cost of those entering! Politics here is a weighty subject at the local (City) State and Federal level. Republican crazies Democrat liberals and TeaParty up setters. Though it’s not until November 2016 presidential wannabes are coming out of the woodwork.
      Have fun with a North Lakeland or Peninne Spring!

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