Roll up your sleeves here’s the lads with a barrel of horses under their white vest wife-beater shirts. First off its the Triumph Speed Triple, a burly bruiser that “does what is says on the tin”. #1 on my list of bouncer bikes.


Next off: Kawasaki’s ZRX the Eddie Lawson retro-racer its sublime looks harking back to the big Zed liter bikes from the early eighties. #2 on my want list… In green and purple and a throaty Muzzy pipe too!


Last up: Suzuki Bandit the detuned GSX-R hearted stunt beast. Red looks good but black would be better. Third on the list. #3


2 Comments to “Muscle”

  1. I do so agree.
    No “lightweights” there tho’.. my very favourite would be the Kawasaki and just the way it is shown here.
    Green and purple especially, and I think, later models [?] with Mag’ coloured cases. Mmmmmm yummy.
    In period an outstanding bike.
    Have a good day.

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