John Steed RIP

The Avenger boss played by Patrick Macnee always had fine clothes, finer wine and the finest women around him. My favorite was Honor Blackmans portrayal of Cathy Gale. Here she has Steed apillion on a Royal Enfield back in the day. He was the quintessential Englishman with she as the perfect Action a Woman.

Patrick Macnee 1922-2015

2 Comments to “John Steed RIP”

  1. It’s a bugger isn’t it.?
    Life.. the good ones are all slipping away.
    Have a great WE.. 15c/ hardly flaming june.
    Love to both.
    W x

    • We’ve had a drizzly week in the sixties here. Certainly not late June Chicago weather (80’s) though today is clear and 75. Rocker Bike show today too. Keep Well Pal!

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