Orange is the New Bike


Italian Triple. “Il Bruto” the mighty Jota in glistening orange. It had a radioactive glow in the midday sun.

Cleveland Cycle Works little quarter liter custom scrambler. U.S. Built small Moto with sweet styling suitable for city flitting. It’s like a new version of my Cub…. We’ll write about CCW another time.

Board tracker blitz: twenties Titan for zooming the banked oval. The pure engineering on these things is as brave as the riders who piloted them. 

Muscle Magic! Not a bike but by ‘eck it’s a steroid built machine for rippling the Tarmac and busting licenses. It has a 440 7.8l V8 Magnum engine that took the Hemi-Orange monster to Dodges swan song in the 60’s through 70’s muscle car spacerace. 

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