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August 20, 2015


Norton is the black sheep of the British motorcycling family. Sitting somewhat in the shadows of Triumph & BSA it quietly swept the board at the racetrack over half a century. Legend on the track and trusted in the road owners were a dedicated bunch.

The local Norton Owners Club were out in force at the weekend: I saw ten bikes lined up from the single International in both original oily patina to pristine polish, through a bevy of Commandos to the new kid on the block from Castle Donnington, the 961.

A Colorado Norton Works example of an updated Commando sparkled in the blazing sun. Engine internals given a thorough fettling to disc brakes up front and modern rubber ‘underfoot’.  

Grey with black banding and red pinstripe: truly understated but totally recognizable is the Norton look.

A raindrop line is the most natural aerodynamic shape to cut through wind.

Citrus Zest in this near liter twin. It look the business.

Bug eyed JPS racer. The original legal hooligan bike? A quick smoke with a packet of John Players before a burn up along the North Circular?