Goli U Sedlu

Slovenian freedom on the high roads of Central Europe. Chopper modified twin takes a break in the Former Yugoslavian city of Ljubljana. These early Seventies biker youths must have seen the recently released Easy Rider and dreamed of a Captain American trip along the Adriatic.


2 Comments to “Goli U Sedlu”

  1. Shees GB….you really do unearth incredibly evocative images….this one’s another of your finest posts IMHO…….Eastern Bloc Easy Riders eh? Who would’ve thought there even were any..??!! A very cool image. I can testify to having that same road trip dream…got my 1st bike in ’71 and did lots of long trips in OZ (but on a Honda CB350F with flat bars & 4-into1 megaphone exhaust). Howled like a banshee when going full noise on the highway….but thankfully left most of that behind me. Great times, fondly remembered. Thanks for bringing them back to the forefront of a (sadly still wet and cold) Auckland Spring Sunday… Cheers, Les

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