One of the most important pieces of Mid-Century Pop Art is 52 today. Created by Roy Lichtenstein it uses classic comic book imagery of war with crisp enlarged pen and ink line work filled with stipple coloring seen in the pulp illustrations of the day.

The original dynamic visuals are brought to stark graphic life to create one of the most iconic art pieces of the last fifty years (along with Warhols Marilyn…).  

It’s a large 11’x 5′ canvas two piece ‘diptych’and hangs at the Tate Modern in London. He saw his pieces as fun industrial art. 

A pencil study shows a clean composition with each hand being able to stand on its own yet coming together in stark visual drama.

Alternate versions exist like this hyper real rendering of the F86 Saber coming in for the kill.

Or this Star Wars version of a rebel X-wing pilot destroying an Imperial Tie-Fighter.


Contemporary commentary. Pilotless drones destroying remotely… 


Or a commentary on Pop Art itself…
Side Note:

Jackie Cochran became the first woman to break the sound barrier in a Saber in 1953. Here with fellow supersonic pilot Chuck Yeager. Look her up she’s one helluva gal!

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