Rivington Pike Free Festival

Back in ’77 summer was enjoyed at numerous gatherings of hippies and music enjoying earthy fun in the countryside of a bucolic England. 

Bring your tent, tie dyes and bell bottoms. However carefree gathering can attract others looking for lawless shenanigans. The Hells Angels turn up on their chopped Triumph, BSA’s and Nortons along with pelt headdresses. Save the Planet! More hash fudge and ‘shrooms.

Photo by Chris Hewitt

2 Comments to “Rivington Pike Free Festival”

  1. Cool pic Geordie [as you so often feature {:–)> ] I was in the UK in ’77 (went to the Mid-Summer Solstice at Stonehenge and several Festivals, but didn’t make it to this ‘un. Wonder if any of those fur pelt wearing Angels’s are still riding their choppers 39 years on….?

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