Indian Reservation

Picked up the big hauler today. Pulls like a train and is as comfy as a Chesterfield. After the aged but lithe Bonnie it was a little ponderous but once you swing it around along the road your muscle memory syncs in with its needs. 

2 Comments to “Indian Reservation”

  1. Gerrout yer big Jessie.!
    Indian,, fer gawds sake.. whatever next.?
    I did see the other day that you were on holiday.. and that is lovely. Being only mid Feb.. but in the south-west, what’s the weather like for you.?
    BTW.. you are not too far away from Mule HQ near San Diego, I have an address.. you’se could pop in for a coffee. He [Richard Pollock ] knows who you are.
    Whatever you do, enjoy yourselves.

    • Its a car with two wheels. Heated seats, radio, cruise control. On the go electric windscreen. Perfect for the long desert roads. Would love to pop in and see mr Pollock; but lack of time doesn’t allow for that here… Only a 4 day break. It’s the US remember! Will get more photos today! Oh and the weather? Blue skies and in the eighties! Loverly

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