Pass me a 3/8th Whitworth…

A well stocked tool wall from a vintage workshop in Oxfordshire. 

3 Comments to “Pass me a 3/8th Whitworth…”

  1. G’day Sport..
    The photo above, just to say in case you do not know..
    Ralph Seymour was a well respected Velocette specialist dealer, who produced both KTT racers and Venom specials for customers. His Rickman Metisse Venom’s are works of art. He rode his own bikes in both the Manx GP and later the TT. After his death his daughter [and chief assistant..] ran the business for some years, but I believe it has folded now.
    So then, the Indian.. changed your mind about a Triumph or two..?
    It changed mine. I hate these RV’s, but I thought, for it’s type it was super.. much more stylish than a loaded HD Fatarse
    Have a grand day.

    • I did find a picture of one of Ralph’s Venoms. Nice bike. But didn’t know about the racing. It’s harder to research some things. Need a good old British library! I like these old time worn workshops. You can see the countless hours spent in them.
      The Triumph Thunderbird LT looks like a nice big bike!

    • Two-up the Indian was spot on. The wife loves it too. Though after 4-5 hours in the saddle it was getting a bit thin.

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