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April 28, 2016


Knolling- a new verb to utilize in my life of disorder. I do it unconsciously already for some assembly tasks. It is the laying out in a squared away fashion all of the items and components of the thing to be built. Here’s a Knolled wartime Triumph TRW 500 from Burton Bike Bits.

It was coined by sculptor Tom Sachs who adopted the term from a janitor at Frank Gehry’s furniture workshop, Andrew Kronelow, who, whilst working on a range of Florence Knoll’s furniture, would lay all tools, materials and fixtures in a right-angled arrangement. 


  1. Scan your environment for materials, tools, books, music, etc. which are not in use.
  2. Put away everything not in use. If you aren’t sure, leave it out.
  3. Group all ‘like’ objects.
  4. Align or square all objects to either the surface they rest on, or the studio itself.