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April 15, 2016

Blue Friday

Sun and Seventies forecast for the weekend so the first ride of the year is planned. This gal is tearing out at speed to the coming Saturday…

April 14, 2016

TBT part two

Top Gun: this ebony black and blood red Ninja was my ride in the mid two thousands. For a twenty year old bike (at the time) it pulled like a train with the heart of an atom bomb. The Good Times Rolled on that one!

April 14, 2016


It’s not easy being green: so says our favorite amphibian muppet. But we can have fun whilst donning a verdant hue! Here’s my Kawasaki ZX6 from 15 years ago which was my sole transportation in Chicago at the time. It had a beefy growl as the speed picked up with the ram air intake, and the Micron pipe I put on added to the engines accompanying bass percussion. Loved that moto!

April 13, 2016

Hump Day

To ensure a smooth transition from the start of the week to its tail end then good suspension is essential. 

April 12, 2016


“Поехали! Lets Go!” 55 years ago this enthusiastic Soviet test Pilot got into a cramped sphere atop a rocket and blasted off for an orbit of the earth and into the history books. Kedr (Cedar -Siberian Pine) was his call name, Vostok 1 (East 1) his ship.

April 11, 2016

Monday Rock!

Get yer leathers on, quiff your pompadour, spanner at the ready to nip-up loose bolts, a rag to mop the winter oil pool, and a fresh tank of petrol then spring roads await!

Quiff your hair

April 10, 2016

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Strider- that’s Robert Plants hound sitting across the tank of this old motorcycle at the bands welsh retreat in rural Gwynedd. 

“There ain’t no companion like a blue-eyed Merle,” 

April 9, 2016

Schwartz Katze

EDC Every Day Carry. Here’s my new pocket knife, a strong carbon steel bladed thin profiled locking knife. Made in Solingen Germany. Known as the Mercator Black Cat, a design unchanged for over a century,  it arrived wrapped up in waxed brown paper esconsed in a sturdy cardboard box. Nice sharp tool.

April 8, 2016

Headstand Trials


Balance- trials champion, stunt rider, motorcycle hall of fame inductee. Debbie Evans rode as she learned to walk has impeccable two-wheel control. As well as the fine technical abilities of a trials competitor she could handle fast bikes as a Hollywood stuntwoman making the movie Moto heroines appear superhuman.

She can defy gravity with ballet-like poise.  

Triumph TT tank stand at speed. Control!

Triumph Tiger through fire. Blazing effort!

True ambassador to the sport!

April 7, 2016

Double Bill

There was two biker movies on this evening… This was the second:

IMDB “A Green Beret returns home from the Vietnam war to find that a gang of murderous bikers has killed his fiancee. He calls on several of his Green Beret buddies to come and help him take revenge on the gang.” 5.4/10

April 7, 2016

Thursday nite TV

IMDB: “While in Vietnam, a GI promises his dying buddy that he’ll take care of his motorcycle, “Baby”, when he gets back home. After his discharge, he meets up with his dead friend’s girlfriend, gets the bike, and then runs into trouble from some other bikers who don’t like the idea of his having the motorcycle or the girl.” 5.4/10

The chopper is as long as the Baja peninsula, the gal is as gritty as the Mojave Desert and the tins of Schlitz beer is flowing freely (it must have been used for on screen promotional purposes). A real early 70’s vibe.

April 6, 2016

In your sights

Bowie knife on his hip, a belt full of ammo and a ‘scoped rifle held firmly whilst propped on the bars of his Triumph Thunderbird. Wonder if that sizeable pannier has a few plundered game? Run rabbit run!

April 5, 2016


This couples rural picnic has been rudely interrupted by the snorting rampage of a bullish beast. After tickling the carbs and kicking the engine over you’d certainly need a good spanking of acceleration to make a hasty retreat. “Hang on pet, we’ve got a hedgerow to jump yet!”

April 4, 2016

Need a light?

“Over There! The week ahead is just around the corner!” Here’s 20’s light entertainer Leslie Henson pointing the way with wife Madge Saunders acting as driver. Outfit is a late teens Douglas. 

April 3, 2016


Manned Torpedo: The Chariot. Controlled by British Commando frogmen these weapons were devised to seek and sink Axis shipping. Riding astride a warhead steering these pigs was for men of stern stuff. Hauling a Triumph Twin along a country road would be easy compared to this!

Bath time on Sunday night growing up I would play with my Britains torpedo, sinking boats and rubber ducks.