One is One and all Alone

Green grow the rashes o.

This is a wee stunner. English tracker in black & green; a suitable mix of equipment for fun and grins along country lanes. Find a thatched country pub called the George & Dragon and sip a pint of ale under the blue skies.

4 Comments to “One is One and all Alone”

  1. Would the last foot of them pipes be glass-packed do y’think? If not, there’d be little ‘quiet’ along them wee country lanes 🙂

  2. Erm.. do we mean “Green grow the RUSHES oh”.?
    Or have I missed some subtle thingy.?
    Just saying.
    Bike is a truly lovely colour,, sorry.

    • The old English folk song IS rushes:

      I’ll sing you twelve, Ho
      Green grow the rushes, Ho
      What are your twelve, Ho?
      Twelve for the twelve Apostles
      Eleven for the eleven who went to heaven,
      Ten for the ten commandments,
      Nine for the nine bright shiners,
      Eight for the April Rainers,
      Seven for the seven stars in the sky,
      Six for the six proud walkers,
      Five for the symbols at your door,
      Four for the Gospel makers,
      Three, three, the rivals,
      Two, two, the lily-white boys,
      Clothèd all in green, Ho Ho
      One is one and all alone
      And evermore shall be so.

      However there is also a Robbie Burns song:

      Chor. – Green grow the rashes, O;
      Green grow the rashes, O;
      The sweetest hours that e’er I spend,
      Are spent amang the lasses, O.

      There’s nought but care on ev’ry han’,
      In ev’ry hour that passes, O:
      What signifies the life o’ man,
      An’ ’twere na for the lasses, O.
      Green grow,

      I like the rashes… But I’m biased as I share the same birthday as the Scottish bard

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