You’ll wake the neighbors!

The Moggy – Tiger Cub takes her first tentative, and loud, paces along a Chicago alley. Rough engine but the gearbox shifted smartly up and down a couple of gears, clutch action light. Who says we can’t start having fun with this bike?

2 Comments to “You’ll wake the neighbors!”

  1. Well done.. nearly there.
    I’ll put you down for a foreign entry for the Scott trial then.!
    I do envy you this.
    However, I’m a bit concerned about that headband tho’.. how very HD.
    Just to say, only lately in watching filums and stuff, have I started to notice the welter/ PROFUSSION of telephone cables on view in America.. is everywhere like this.. even in your shot today?
    Weather VILE.. endless wet, really wet.
    This saturday is our favourite country show, farming and stuff, and I fear it will get cancelled. Ground sodden and access for heavy
    vehicles trashed
    When we planned it for this year, there was the opportunity to get tickets for an evening event at Carlisle racecourse.. our local track.
    Racing followed by a summer concert.. a chap you may have heard of tho’ he got stardom here after you had left.. Will Young.
    He is terrific.. check him out, if you will.

    • Sorry about the weather. It’s been fairly get d here so far. A couple of sweltering days but otherwise comfortable (for me). My bandana is essential rigeur for Illinois summer- my British disposition liquified without to much effort and the ‘Harley’ look is an easy remedy. Perhaps a Bjorn Borg/Mark Knopfler love ok?
      I’ve heard of Mr Young but not heard him. But I will look him up. Talking of racing, our Geordie was 13 on Monday; not bad for a greyhound. He is a slow bugger on walks though!
      We’re off to Minnesota for the holiday weekend (4th July) so a mini break so to speak.
      Well, get your wellies out for the agricultural show!

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