Vintage Trials

Bobble hat & Boilersuit- here is a lanky Chris Leighfield romping his brand new Cub over tussocks on some long forgotten Northern English fell. 

One Comment to “Vintage Trials”

  1. I used to go and watch hereabouts, local trials in action. My uncle was Secretary to the Cumberland Motorcycle Club and I regularly got roped in to observe on sections which was grand, except.. it was so often wet here in the North.
    So, here we have what was to become the fashionista dress article of the time.. the one piece wax suit.. essential for wet weather and Trials generally.. it was a take off from the one-piece [ Ursula ] Submarine suit produced during the war for the Navy.
    But not a bit fully waterproof as we know of modern fabrics today.
    I wore a Black wax 2 piece Barbour suit for most bike stuff, and a Green wax Barbour [ Bedale] coat for shooting and assorted country stuff.. cool or what.?
    But it was what we had in the day, and in warm weather it was sweaty and sticky.. and frankly smelly. If cold, well cold then and probably wet too, to a point as well.
    Modern stuff is sooooo lovely to wear and use, by comparison.
    Today I have a wool tweed coat with gore-tex liner which was made for me and is fabulous.. but not for wet days.. just don’t go there. Instead for wet days and general usage I have a Barbour [forgotten the name but it is a geordie name.. Northumberland.? ] fabric coat, which is amazing.I It is a ventile cotton, which was released approx 10-12 years ago by Barbour, but did not sell well.. I think they were £600 each.. Ouch.!
    I was told there were some in store in the factory shop and very reduced.. so naturally I was over there from Carlisle like a whippet on speed. One of the best things I have ever bought.. ever. Bargain, bargain, bargain.. I think £200.. wonderful. And I should have it for life.
    What I didn’t do was buy the hood for the coat.. Mistake.! When I phoned the factory again there were no longer any available.!
    The tragic hat here was the style worn by a younger Triumph works rider on Cubs, whose name I have forgotten [Mick.?]
    Most riders wore flat caps, but the daft bobble thingy had all the young ones in them.. quite the thing in the day. The sort of baseball cap of the time.
    50 years ago.. and I was a teenager.! Amazing.!!
    Have a fab day.

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