Trim Shape

Low Bars – I replaced the handlebars to a flatter profile Renthal motocross shape. Much better in looks and feels more steady. I’m not a fan of ‘sit-up-and-beg’ steering. The work table is making thing a treat to mess about with too! I also rode around the parking garage  columns in left and right figure eights. Getting  time on the saddle (or not when standing on the pegs!) in slow-mo.

2 Comments to “Trim Shape”

  1. Now it looks grand.. it so looks the part.
    You done really well with this.. I do envy you the bike.
    I also like the Garage.. does it go with your “house”.? Great space.
    As an aside.. have you stopped responding to [my] comments at all, or am I merely feeling, erm.. vunerable just now.

    • Sorry I hadn’t realized I wasn’t responding. Will try harder! The garage is actually a space under where I work. A 40 space subterranean ‘cave’. I added a plug in strip light, the work table, tool chest and shelves for odds and ends. I keep it tidy due to it being at work.
      Thank you for your compliments! Your support from overseas is invaluable. Nice weather here right now. 70’s and clear.

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