Nowts a bother like!

Howay the Lads! Seeing that this is a Geordie Biker blog we’d better get some appropriate lingo for two wheeled conveyance sorted.

Me motosickle is gan reet champion the noo! 

The Triumph is running quite well at the moment.

Haddaway man! There’s oil aal ower me boiler suit. Am aal clarty.

Dear me! The Triumph has dripped some Castrol onto my overalls. I am dirty.

How marra! Hoy ower a spanner like! 

Excuse me my good friend. Can you pass the Whitworth wrench promptly.

Am ganna tyek wor pet ower the Carter Bar. Weel come back doon threw Seahooses and have a fish supper from the chippy.

My wife and I shall have a jaunt up the A68 over to Scotland. We will make a return journey along the coast stopping for fish and chips at Seahouses.

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