It’s the end of the world as we know it!

It’s all looking a bit scary out there…

2 Comments to “It’s the end of the world as we know it!”

  1. Sad to say, in this life we get exactly what we ALLOW to happen.?
    Apparently, [having watched the tv coverage here] the youth of the US did not engage, the young black vote did not happen, they possibly could not see anything in it for them.
    In my my lifetime, I cannot remember 2 such awful candidates for this position, both of them quite shockers. She is simply America’s screeching haridan.. he, there aren’t words. But the system allowed it and that’s what you were left with.
    My only sadness, was that John Kerry did not stand. Now there is a good man, a decent man, with quality, worldly experience.
    And so now we all, you and us, wait to see what this ghastly man will do next.
    Happy days.? Unlikely..
    But have a good one.

    • It is quite a disturbing fact that this is about to happen. Just the thought of his smug self obsessed appearance in this role just scunners me. We’ve got a long slog ahead of us…
      New Zealand?

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