Clubman – we brought home this little nipper yesterday. Champagne grey Mini Cooper in station wagon trim. Gertie the VW GTI was getting a bit incontinent, wobbly on her pins and was probably going to be an economical hole… so a replacement was contemplated. It had to be city manageable, greyhound transportable, cool and fun. The Mini checked all the boxes… 

4 Comments to “Minx”

  1. Nice! I almost went for one, but not really big enough for carting round the granddaughter.

  2. Astonished here.. you really suprised me with this one.
    Obviously, I follow what you are doing and can see the plot unfolding.
    My surprise comes from you, like me, being so tall.. I would have thought you would have struggled to fit.?!
    I have not driven one of the estates’. I have driven older model Coopers and Cooper S.. 3 door models, and frankly struggled to get down and in.. but I mostly put that down to the bad back I have endured for 35+ years.
    The cars are lovely, and over here streets ahead of most stuff.. all that and BMW build quality.
    Well done.. I do hope you both enjoy it.
    To be frank, I keep broaching the Mini subject with my Amanda.. she, sticks with her Nissan. Bugger..
    Have you picked a name for her yet.? How about.. Mini the Moocha.?
    Have a grand week.. is my xmas pressie sorted yet.?

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