Snow Tiger

Ski Do! Some danged northern State inventive motorcycle mechanic has adapted this current model 800 Tiger into a mean snow bike. Hefty ski up front with stout damper and a sharp spiked rear tire for traction across the icy wastes of Wisconsin trails or frozen Minnesotan lakes.

3 Comments to “Snow Tiger”

  1. Ahem..
    As a matching model to complete your present pair, and make a set of three, as it were..
    I have thought for some time, you should give serious consideration to one of the 800 XC models, they have a very good reputation,
    enough power, and quite fast enough. And wickedly comfortable I’m told, especially.. for big lads like us.
    White is always nice, I feel.. nice and bright.
    If the Lottery fairy remembers where I live..
    Have a grand day.

    • I did sit on One a couple of months ago. Very comfy. Tall stance, wide bars. If they’re as flexible as I hear it’s high on my list. The big 1200 tiger was comfy too but quite too heavy feeling. Hope winter is good with you. We’re in a frozen spell right now minus teens windchill (in Fahrenheit…)

  2. Weatherwise, all ok.. last few day 9-10c which is good for this time of year. Normally those are cool summer days temps.
    Regards ever.

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