One Way to Notting ‘ill please

Bayswater Road Santy – smashing image of mini-bike zooming Santa Claus haring through London with sidecar bear. Fake cotton wool beard is holding up well to the foggy atmosphere. The red bus and fringed coat would have made this a perfect seasonal image in colour.

2 Comments to “One Way to Notting ‘ill please”

  1. Thanks for this post,, at a guess, I’d say early 1950’s from the style of the bus.?
    Hope you both have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year to look forward to as well
    Thank you for your work in producing the posts, they are the FIRST THING I look for when the pc goes on
    Your claim to fame.!
    Bill xx

    • Merry Christmas Bill! I do like this London bus photo. So much to like about it! The old Routemaster with drivers cab and rear entry.. very Big Smoke… I enjoy putting the posts up . Well over 2,000 now! That’s years worth!

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