Weekend’s Here – well, we got through 20th January 2017 in one piece (-ish). All I need is a horizon, a stout moto to get there on, and my gal riding pillion with me…

5 Comments to “Potus45”

  1. Erm.. tell me pray, what happens , or perhaps was to happen, on 20 January 2017.?
    The significance is rather lost on me.?
    Have a great WE.. whatever you are doing.
    Have we talked about the new T’ Bobber yet, or not.? I would enjoy to hear your views on it.

  2. Bugger Trump.
    He’ll get howled down and Capitol Hill will evict him.. wait and see. 4 years and wham, bam, thank you thingy.
    You have ridden right past my comment about the Bobber, do you have a view[s] and will you share them with me.?
    That would be nice.
    On another issue altogether, as an architectural person you would know something of self building a property for yourselves in the US, I would imagine.
    Do you see much of this, where a body/couple organise the plot, the trades, the suppliers of [perhaps a kit frame house..] just something where you’se two are not buying from a housing estate per se., but truly doing your own thing.
    Is that do-able where you are.?
    Do let me know, if you will.
    Regards as ever.

    • We hope so Bill, we hope so. But there’ll be a reckoning before that. We went to the Women’s March in Chicago today. 250,000 on a warm sunny January day. Smiles all around.
      The Bobber. I’m waiting out my comments until I see one in persona and at least sit on it. But from first appearance it looks smashing. I’m waiting to see one in a glossy 30’s Triumph Amaranth Red. Lots of people buy land and build their own house here. Small, big, empty nesters, young families. There is a plethora of housing styles and ‘off-the-grid’ scenarios as well as higher end homes. Cabins, bungalows, mac-mansions. Tiny-houses (<400s.f. On wheels) yurts, straw bale houses. Plenty of options. I wouldn't do it in Chicago (very expensive proposition) but more rural very doable to get a few acres…

  3. Thanks for that.. great answer.
    As you know, there is a T’ dealer here in Carlisle, but I can’t bring myself to go in. I have said in the past he has an awful manner, and in 50+ years I have never had a kind word from him, and such things matter. So I content myself with peering thro’ the windows and if I’m lucky, leave lots of handmarks on his glass. I always so enjoy that, it’s like a little victory against him being a twat.
    Hey ho..
    In the current range there are many truly lovely models and sub-sets, I only wish I had the health and the wealth to buy one of each of those that float my boat.. especially the Bobber. Buy the cheapest variant, send the tank away for painting, to be exactly like a mid 1950’s TR5.. the one with the blue-ish silver paint and darker blue coach lining.. now that would make a finish.
    Fine if you want a stock bike.. but that would be my little protest. And it is a lovely finish, as I’m sure you know.
    And.. and a new Street Triple 765 RS.. We talked about this aeons ago.. I was then concerned that MV’s 800 and now others were going to shove Triumph off the top spot and it bothered me greatly. Well, they seem to have the performance aspect covered but, Yamaha, and others have the same-ish but importantly, the costs £$ sorted.
    Let us hope that those looking to buy know quality when they see it.
    Mine would be in metallic white with pale gold wheels. Nice.
    Happy days,

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