Wattle & Daub

Thatched – perfect English scene of a pair of couples heading out for a jaunt along some country lanes in the Home Counties. Stopping off for a pint at The Bull Inn, the local pub at Arborfield in Berkshire where this photo was taken. 

5 Comments to “Wattle & Daub”

  1. Great photo.
    A quite beautiful picture.
    I look and see things other might not pick up on.. the men are wearing nice quality clothes in the fashion, for the time. The open neck shirt was essential for casual wear in the 1930’s and even well into the 1950’s when I was a little boy. Notice the man’s shoes on the Triumph, quality Gibson toe-cap and VERY highly polished, as are those of his lady passenger.
    And the bikes are a give-away that these are actually quite well off folks.
    I wonder where they went.. and if the lads survived the war.?

  2. I am a regular on C&C and you should be too. Bikes or cars, it is a terrific site/resource, tho it is a sales site.. but free to sell on it.
    I just love it, and so would you. On my laptop, it sits on the bar underneath the top bar, so is in constant view.
    Very clever of you to find and resolve this.. well done you.
    Trust all are well.. you haven’t mentioned Geordie for a while.. is he OK.?
    Have a grand day.

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