Forty Six

GO!!!!!! The Doctor taking his Moto GP Yamaha  around a blistering corner at full tilt. With 7 Championship wins Valentino Rossi is up there with the best of ’em, if not actually on top of the pile. I’m 46 today that’s why I’m posting the Italians image…

6 Comments to “Forty Six”

  1. Happy Birthday Geordie…. and Happy Australia Day too :-). Great pic…. Browsing the magazines in the supermarket today and I spotted my new bike…….the Triumph Bobber 1200cc parallel twin….Very retro and cool, now just must win the lotto and it’s mine 🙂

  2. What ho..
    Very happy birthday to you. 46 yo.. time enough to do anything you would both wish.
    Except, don’t leave anything too late.
    From now on the years run away faster and faster and put quite simply, one does NOT have the strength and vigour from younger[ish] era’s. This is what I have found to be true, I am most certainly NOT being a “weary Jimmy”.. just a lesson from my life experience.
    Start your own business, self build a house, buy 2 new Triumphs.. and a smart pick-up.. do it soon.
    Love and all best wishes.

  3. So do I… 🙂 I’m the reverse of you Geordie (i.e. 64) and I 100% support Bill’s encouragement. Sadly I haven’t (yet 🙂 taken my own advice and ordered myself that new Triumph Bobber 😦

  4. Go Les.!!
    Do it boy.. you KNOW you want to.. and at the end of the day, it’s only money.

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