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February 11, 2017

International Motorcycle Show

On Display – plenty of new motorcycle models to ogle over, swing a leg over, and consider as real-world rides. The vast acres of Rosemont Convention Center contained the shiny, colorful products of the two-wheeled industry. Obviously Triumph was well represented, but we also enjoyed the models from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and the Big Kawasakis. Indian Vee-Twins; Royal Enfield singles; Guzzi’s and Ducatis; and the sumptuous Teutonic BMW’s. A splendid collection of vintage cycles, as well as the usual polishes, sunglasses and patches. I’ll spend the coming week posting the show offerings (we don’t need to look at the Moto-chatchkis.)

The Thruxton is a gorgeous bike, but I think I’m a bit tall for it. The larger GS styled bikes are more my going.

Oh yeah! They had complimentary tattoo’s too.