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March 18, 2017

A Journey begins with One Step

Boots – sturdy footwear for feet that get stuff done. I need by boots to be supportive, comfortable, enduring, and good looking; in that order. Here are a few of past and present pairs I use for everyday wear as well as specialized utility. Top to bottom, left to right.

Scarpa Walking Boots – these have seen countless miles over field, up mountain, across bog. I haven’t worn them in twenty years but they became like slippers to me as the fathoms were yomped.

Sherpa Work Boots – Stout blood-red, heavy soled clompers to take care of your tootsies on a work site. Thick socks needed for these.

Doc Marten Work Boot – blonde version of the ubiquitous ‘Docs’. Vibrant soled and light. These were a good daily shoe that could take some abuse when required.

Doctor Marten Air Wear – my 8-Hole ‘Docs’ were found in an alley on top of a dumpster. A bit heavy soled, but like walking on air. Great on the Triumph when kick starting.

Blundstone 500C – my current dailies; the ‘Blunnies’ are super comfy, supportive, durable, light, slip on quickly. Two years in and the sole is barely worn. Waterproof as heck with the oiled leather upper. Hopefully I’ll have these for a while…

Justin Roper – a light and comfy tall boot. I had the leather soles redone with a thin Vibram tread. Again, these should last.

Tony Lama Western – my black cowboy boots have a good heel which necessitate a deliberate gait. Comfy boot to be worn with Levi’s and plaid shirts only…

Sidi Monza – these zip-up vintage motorcycle boots are Italian made and fit like a glove. Good heel to kickstart with and grip foot pegs well. Gear changing protector atop the toebox, and supple but strong leather. A perfect riding boot in my mind. 

Vintage Motocross – acquired for the Cub, these well buckled protective boots can be used on the road too. A certain ‘Mad Max’ air to their appearance may give drivers second thoughts before messing with you.

Not on this list and no longer in my possession: a couple of other pairs of Sidi, Frank Thomas’, some Clarks desert boots, and Asolo winter climbing boots. 

But remember these boots are useless without a pair of fresh clean socks.