Trishula Triumph

Black Dog – Neptunes spear was the Trident; also the sharp stick used by Triumph to win a bevy of races in the late sixties… it’s also the possible next project for Geordie Biker Workshop. I saw this one at Morries Place as a suggestion from Ed Zender. Nice powerful three cylinder tool… a seed is sown!

“Trishula” is Sanskrit for trident and was the weapon of Shiva.

One Comment to “Trishula Triumph”

  1. A seriously underrated bike IMHO…but of course the mishandling of its development (\and that of the BSA Rocket 3) sadly allowed Honda’s wonderfully balanced 750Four to eclipse it (even though the TRident was quicker), and the Japanese then systematically went about nailing down the coffin lid on British motorcycling production and sales, a box the Brit companies had fallen into through their own free market apathy and corporate infighting…

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