Indian Brit

Go Skate! – Vert maestro Steve Caballero shows off his immaculate pre-unit ’52 Triumph custom with builder Bryan Thompson giving it a thumb’s up. The nostalgia oozes all over the bike: from the script tank badge and gold pinstriping, to the girder forks and saddle-maker leather seat or the leather handgrips with reversed control levers. It’s called ‘The Scout”. Good name.

2 Comments to “Indian Brit”

  1. I enlarged the photo on here, this is a really lovely bike.
    I have never “got them” in the past, probably because it is not generally a UK thing to do.?
    However, with the arrival of Triumphs’ own Bobber, I went and had a shufty at one in the window of my local dealer [you may recall that I do NOT enter the premises for fear of being struck down or smiting the tw#t before he gets me.!]
    I think the Bobber is stunning, tho’ I recall you said, having sat on one, you had some difficulty trying to fit on it and get comfy.. is that right.?
    A while ago, I had a very bad night, awful really. I sat up at the kitchen table with a sketch pad and worked out some paint schemes for the Bobbers’ very plain tank.. and they came out rather nicely.. I finally settled on a version of the postwar 500GP bike that was used in the 1946 Manx GP/ and equally the late 1950’s 500 TR5.. so palest silver blue tank panels, one to the tank top, one each side to the front of the tank, all bound with “navy blue” coachlining, the cycle parts to be factory finish in black.
    Or perhaps, more this style, which I find stunning.
    [Hope it works.?]


    • That would be a lovely finish to the Bobber. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of versions that people customize. This Bryan Thompson item is truly super. Perfect detailing- very SoCal kustom.

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