The Bee’s Knee’s

Blood of Life – this gorgeous lively Norton Commando turned up on the ever fruitful interweb. It’s a smasher! Enough suitable upgrades to make it a very useable tool on today’s roads.

2 Comments to “The Bee’s Knee’s”

  1. Isn’t that beautifully done.?
    It is sort of all-of-a piece and.. just lovely. The Corbin seat makes it for me too.
    Were it mine tho’, without being a clever-sh#t, or carping.. the burn-yer-legs pipes would have to go.. and a stainless proddy system fitted.
    Just a few thoughts, because it is never going to happen.. The bike is lovely as it is. A bit like 70’s V7 Guzzi’s, you can do virtually anything with them, style-wise.
    Thanks for posting.. and enjoy your day.

  2. And, I so like the the fact that when we get to the comments bit.. there, is a much larger picture. Mostly.

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