Food Mart

Ed & Erv’s – just shuttered up in the last couple of years this local Chicago convenience store has a timeless mid-20th Century vibe going on. So when I saw this Harley Davidson standing lazily outside I had to get a photo. A hint of vintage filter to sharpen the shadows and an evocative scene is created.

4 Comments to “Food Mart”

  1. Hey Geordie. You and your best mate should lease it and open it again as Ed & Ervs Coffee Roastery & Cafe…..You could make it the Ace Cafe equivalent in Chicago…… Worth a thought….food and coffee feature large in your postings, so your expert consumers 🙂 Cheers, Les

  2. Just had a further thought…You could park up the bikes in the cafe as rolling works of art, a la Deus Ex Machina who I’m sure you know of….See their Camperdown cafe site here

    • The US is kinda funny with bike gatherings… the Harley gang crowd are one thing… and the hipster/grunge another smaller one who meet up at city bars or burlesque clubs… not my cup of tea! Wish there was a good transport caff. We got the Motoblot gathering coming up soon!

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