Airfix or Bust!

B.S.A. Scaled – just finished this little Tamiya BSA M20 model kit. First one I’ve built for thirty odd years. 1:35 scale with darned small waterslide transfers. I have the rider and bike in courier colors but this would have been the model my grandfather rode across North Africa during WW2. Next throwback hobby: balsa Spitfire!

3 Comments to “Airfix or Bust!”

  1. Hey Geordie. Very, very cool….I haven’t made a kit for 50 idd years (although I still have some of my past efforts in store under the house). That’s a very fine job…looks like he could just do a Steve McQueen and ride off that shelf…! :-). Cheers, Les .

  2. Yes, I have a couple of diecast car kuts to make, and one of an old single like Arthur (my ’29 Beeza). Must get them out and build ’em….working life gets in the way and by the weekend like now I revel in doing not much 🙂 Just fixing the kick start spring on old Arthur…broke about 1/5 in and local bike shop bent a new end where it broke as couldn’t source one anywhere online. Bit of grunt now to refit and the old fella will roar into life again so I can take him to get his WOF (NZ version of UK MOT) as now week overdue. Bit too cold anyway at present to go out in the early morning like I’m wont to do….so will just take him for short spins through Winter until Spring brings back balmy sunny days. Enjoy those long country rides. Must get a Go Pro like I see you use, for pics on th’ go 🙂

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