One looks this way and one looks the other

By a Nose – Geordie gives approval to a café’d Triumph on one of our walks. 

5 Comments to “One looks this way and one looks the other”

  1. Ooooh.. how nice to see him out and about.
    Is he well in himself.?
    Great weather here for a change, But much trouble, the London tower block fire has prompted outrage, and rightly so. All hell has broken loose. The PM now has many troubles laid at her door following the foolish move to another poll, to secure her position, by an assumed landslide. Not so.. With the fire and problems forming a government, expect far reaching and fundamental changes.. soonest.
    Watch this space.
    Still can’t find that Triumph dirt bike you showed yesterday.??

  2. Hey Guys. Yes, we’re also watching the news from Blighty with amazement….Trump has the U.S. all a Twitter 🙂 and now it’s MayDay, MayDay in the UK with so much disarray one can’t see anything surer than the PM Maybe being the shortest ever ruling leader Britain has had for decades…. Our weather here has also brightened Bill after a mild and desultry amble from wet and mild Autumn into wet and mild Winter. Not sure where Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons are today but they’re not in NZ that’s for sure. We’ve not had clearly discrete seasons in NZ for several years. To counter the general lackluster weather I’ve been busy online and just put up a tribute page to my old BSA and his ilk here Cheers, Les

    • Horrendous news from Blighty. The tower block fire is a nightmare come real.
      We’re in early hot days of summer. A few 90’s reached but storms too. I’ll look in on your Beeza page!

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