Three for Thee

Six Cylinders Three point Six liters- a bevy of Triumphs big parallel twins were spied at the show yesterday. Each 1200cc has its own particular character: from the bespoke Bobber, the sophisticated Bonneville and the speed fed Thruxton. I still think that solver grey faired Thruxton looks the best. 

2 Comments to “Three for Thee”

  1. In the modern motorcycle world of say.. the past 10 years or so, there are very few motorcycles that qualify as bonny, let alone beautiful.. IMNVHO. Sadly it seems that most makers seem to be at the behest of industrial designers and produce what I can only describe as “Transformer ” type bikes [?] too many being profoundly ugly. It seems the art of building truly lovely bikes has been lost even among the Italian makers.. normally our last bastion for good taste.
    It seems to fall to Triumph then, to these days to produce truly bonny bikes.. and, some true beauties.
    The faired Thruxton you admire here in that shade of grey is particularly lovely. If the Lottery fairy comes calling, I will bear you in mind.
    Enjoy your week.

    • You are right there Bill. Ducati have some lovely looking machines (no the Diavel though…) and Moto Guzzi. I’ll include Indian too. I’m going to try and get a doctors prescription for a new bike. I have a duff hip with poor range of motion.. bah!

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