ME109 successor 

Bubble Trouble – this bright red three-wheeler beamed at me by the side of the road today. I had to screech to a stop, park nearby and get some snaps. It’s a Messerschmitt car KR200 or Kabinenroller. Not being allowed to manufacture aircraft after WW2 these were Designed by Fritz Fend with Willy Messerschmitt only putting his name on them. 40,000 were made between 1954 and 1965. The streamlined appearance with fuselage inspired body gives it a futuristic look even today. Flying cars anyone?

2 Comments to “ME109 successor ”

  1. This was good. In the late 1960’s, one of the guys at our bike cafe’ used one of these for cruising out on wetter evenings. I had many a ride home in it. Tho to be honest, I always felt vunerable and never too keen on other motors getting “too close”.!
    It drew a lot of attention, girls loved it, my sister did. My father did not, and always had a pithy comment for my pal, the owner/driver.
    “Get a proper car boy”!
    Mother had a lovely blue Mini Cooper with white roof.. gorgeous. Sadly, I was far too big for it, to fit behind the wheel with any comfort.
    The holiday looked good, and good to see you back.
    Joy of the day to you.

    • I looked in the back of this scooter derivative car and couldn’t see how anyone could fit in it. Amongst traffic of the day.. fun. In today’s traffic… suicidal! We had a great trip. Plenty of American miles underfoot: it’s good to see the real broader lands of a country. I passed my test in a late 80’s British Racing Green Mini Cooper. Real nice car. Hope summer is well with you!

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