1/125th f1.8

Nikon – today marks a century of fine optics and photographic equipment from the iconic Japanese camera manufacturer. I’ve had several makes of SLR camera: Pentax, Minolta, Canon; but the one I’ve stuck with for twenty odd years is Nikon. From all manual FM, to the bombproof F3 (still my favorite!) I now have a digital SLR which allows me to snap away and capture multiple ‘rolls-worth’ of exposures on a trip. Our recent road trip east saw 1,500 operations of the shutter button. I’m standing outside the Frick museum in Pittsburgh at the Irving Penn exhibit (who incidentally was born in 1917 too).

2 Comments to “1/125th f1.8”

  1. Isn’t that odd.. I’m a Nikon man too.
    Tho to be honest, I have given up carting bag-loads of gear around, and gone over to a lovely Fuji bridge camera, which is super.
    I checked all the specs’ and picked the one I wanted, watched Amazon for an opportunity and swooped.. bingo. An item returned by a customer to Amazon, serviced and checked-over by them, and a bargain price to me. BARGAIN.! Lovely.
    We have a very fine Art college here in Carlisle, with an outstanding photography department. I took my Nikon’s, and Olympus OM1 and OM2, bodies, lenses, motor drives et al.. to the technician who runs the photo dep’t. He was made up as they can’t get enough gear to use to teach the students on.
    Everybody pleased then, and I felt grand.
    Happy days.

    • I’m looking at the smaller digital cameras.. but I find I need the crisp detachment of an optical SLR viewfinder… the lenses are getting better all the time and the sensors more refined too. I like it that you manages to extend the usability of your old gear for future photographers.

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